What We Do

Innovation for Health

Public Health is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. We believe that improving health and well-being is fundamental to achieving benefits across the whole health economy. We also believe that prevention of ill health via insight-led commissioning not only impacts on the NHS's viability, but also is essential in ensuring high quality of life for all.

The state of public finances is likely to require at least £20bn in efficiency savings from the healthcare sector; the NHS therefore faces a number of challenges to deliver improved productivity and quality and ensure compliance.

Through unrivalled intellectual knowledge of the NHS and leading work on high profile programmes and projects, we are uniquely positioned to partner with clients as they respond to pressures of the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda, and the constraints of the current fiscal challenge.

We provide innovative solutions that deliver cash releasing savings, efficiency savings and reduce expenditure enabling investments to be made in the frontline to improve patient experience whilst reducing the cost of service delivery.

The health and wellbeing policy landscape is undergoing rapid and fundamental change. There are important opportunities for gains to be made in population health and wellbeing and PHAST is working with Local Authorities, Health and Wellbeing Boards, Clinical Commissioning Groups, other new and emerging NHS structures and outgoing PCTs, to support new developments and the transition of local public health teams. Our aim is to facilitate the best local solutions for population health and wellbeing.

Innovation for Health is a dedicated, not-for-profit company working across the UK to support organisations in the development of health policy and the planning, design and implementation of health interventions and programmes.

Innovation for Health specialises in providing a range of expertise to facilitate the commissioning and delivery of outcomes based health services across the local community. All our team members have worked in the Health and Social Care sectors as senior managers, often through practitioner, clinical or medical career paths, and therefore have the sector specific knowledge to quickly impact.

We bring a fresh, innovative approach to healthy adding capacity, capability and focus, as well as an in-depth understanding of the current issues impacting upon the commissioning and provision of health services across the public, private and third sector markets.

Our combination of skills and current expertise brings with it the capacity to synthesise and analyse quickly, and to create rigorous and practical responses to challenging situations. We apply our proven mix of toolkits and approaches in a flexible and tailored way which recognises the specific needs, context and circumstances of each client.

We develop innovative apps for medical students, doctors and allied health professionals. Our philosophy is to engage our busy, discerning users to provide innovative and intuitive tools to help meet their day-to-day challenges.

As a team, we bring strategic, technical, design and marketing expertise coupled with hands-on knowledge of the pharma, medical and healthcare sectors to ensure that your digital investment delivers tangible business results. Check out our work to learn more about the results we’ve achieved for our clients.